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Mack's Furniture & Appliance, Heating and Cooling, Inc. is truly a family-run business. Based in Cleveland, Oklahoma, Mack's holds a strong interest in the community and all that it provides.


     Mack's Furniture & Appliance, Heating & Cooling, has been doing business in downtown Cleveland since 1937 when Harold "Mack" McDonald ran the place. Today, his granddaughter, Shannan Freeman, keeps the place going. "Times are changing and my main objective is to put our best foot forward, and do whatever we can to keep up with the times. I'd like to see our town do more to improve... so, I started with what I could do here, at Mack's," Shannan explained.

     Shannan's dad and business owner, Bruce McDonald, is proud of what his daughter has accomplished. "She's done a great job... and she's not done, yet," he hinted. Shannan joined her dad in the family business in 1998. Her husband, Kevin, had gone to work for Mack's four years earlier.

     Installation and service of central heat and air systems is a major part of Mack's business, and while Bruce, Kevin, and their crew concentrate on that side of the business, Shannan finds herself balancing bookkeeping tasks and customer service with her efforts to redesign the appearance of Mack's showroom and refurbish the 113 North Broadway Street storefront.

     In addition to furniture, Mack's continues to carry the latest models in home appliances. "Too many people assume that it's more expensive to shop at home, yet they don't take the time to stop and see what is offered... or to remember the service that follows the sell," she said. "At Mack's, just like other local businesses, we offer delivery, handle warranties, and service our products. I think small towns, like Cleveland, offer a built-in trustworthiness that you don't find in the city's mega stores." -taken from the Cleveland American

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